Allergia al pelo del cane

Dog hair allergies

According to the latest research from Censis (an Italian Research Institute), Italians love animals. Preceded only by Hungary, Italy is the second European country for the number of pets. Italians…

Aree per cani

Dogs area: regulations and good habits

For centuries now, dogs have been considered man’s best friend. They are men’s faithful companions for as long as we let them, both at a psychological and physical level. The…

temperatura corporea del cane

SOS heat stroke in dogs: what can i do?

This year, the highest temperatures ever have been recorded in Europe. While the world is trying to understand the possible reasons for these heat waves, we find ourselves looking for…

Animali al lavoro

Save the date: 22nd of June bring you dog to work day

Have you ever wanted to take your pet to work? There is a specific day for this! The so-called International Take your Dog to Work Day was conceived in 1996…

Leishmaniosi cane si puo guarire

Dog leishmaniasis: symptoms and treatment

Canine leishmaniasis is an infectious disease that is transmitted by sandfly vectors, called phlebotomine. Similar to tiny mosquitoes, these insects develop the biphasic parasite that causes the disease. This condition…

pericolo processionaria cani e gatti

The processionary: dogs and cats against the summer enemy n.1

When summer arrives, it is undoubtedly nice to spend whole days outdoors with a 4-legged friend. However, it is good not to underestimate the danger of pine processionary: it seems…

Piante velenose per cani e gatti

Walk to the park? Beware of poisonous plants for dogs and cats

Curiosity is one of the distinctive traits of animals: dogs and cats love to explore new places and smell everything around them every time we take them for a walk….


Pet friendly holidays: take your friends on the road with you

With summer fast approaching, it is important to plan your holidays in such a way as to satisfy the needs of both you and your pet. Many dogs and cats…

Ansia da separazione cane

Dog and separation anxiety: find out what to do to help him!

Summer is a difficult season for dogs because it is the time when the owners go on holiday and can not always bring their puppy with them: this event often…

Il gioco è alla base dell’addestramento del cane


Playing is the base of dog’s training because all dogs need exercise for their own wellbeing. To get the dog’s attention, the dog has to think that spending time with…