Hairless cat prices

More and more often we hear about hairless cats, a particular breed of feline also known as the naked cat – and an original and truly unique cat at that….


Hairless cat

A hairless cat? It may sound strange, but it’s true! Though cats are known for their magnificent fur, which is soft and fluffy to stroke, there are also hairless cats…

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GPS control

The commercial deployment of GPS control has had a major impact on our lives. Being able to access localisation tools using orbiting satellites is not something that can be taken…

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Sim-free GPS tracker Amazon

Many people are looking for a SIM-free GPS tracker on Amazon. Some people want to use it as a security device for their car, others want to keep an eye…


Self-cleaning cat litter

Need and comfort go hand in hand with the choice of a self-cleaning cat litter tray: When you decide to welcome a cat into your home, the first thing you…


Closed cat litter box

When you bring a cat into your home, you must also immediately purchase a cat litter tray. Cats are extremely clean and will always do their business in a litter…


Cat breeds without fur

A cat without fur Is quite rare, but recently it is not like that, it is more and more spread even if it is a peculiar cat. It is characterized…


Cat litter tray

The cat litter box is the first and indispensable accessory to purchase when you decide to have a cat in your home: it is an essential space for your cat’s…


Furless spots in cat

Loyal and very linked to the owner, intelligent and affectionate, the furless cat is quite rare and expensive. The Sphynx is characterized by a meek and sociable personality and for…


Furless tattooed cat

A furless cat tattooed? A real cruelty that it is becoming a real trend, especially in Russia where this breed is born. Sphynx, Donskoy and Peterbald are among the most…


Cat litter

If you have a cat at home then you know how important it is having a good litter at home, one of the most relevant for cat lovers. Cats are…


Black cat without fur

If we talk about cat without fur or naked cat we are referring to Canadian Sphynx in particular, the most spread cat without fur breed. It is a cat that…


Puppy cat without fur

You decided to take a puppy cat without fur at home? A small and sweet cat without fur is a perfect cat for a flat: it seems to be completely…


Price of a cat without fur

A cat without fur? It is a breed more and more spread in Italian houses, also known as naked cat. It is elegant and unique, a cat that is different…


Egyptian cat without fur

A cat without fur? That’s not so rare since there are many cat breeds characterized by the absence of fur on their body: the Egyptian cat without fur is certainly…


Characteristics of Egyptian cat without fur

The Sphynx Cat also called Egyptian cat, has a strong muscular structure and it is medium-large sized. Canadian Sphynx ears are very evident such as the cheekbones. Its lack of…


How long can resist a cold cat?

How to intervene when the cat risks hypothermia Generally, cats resist to cold better than people, since they have a higher average body temperature of 38.5°: if the cat is…


Why cats do not drink water while eating food

The answer is related to its origins The cat is a feline that hunt its preys and take the majority of water it needs independently, so it usually drinks few…


The cat you should adopt

How to choose the most suited cat for us Being in company of a cat lower the stress and blood pressure, brigs you good mood and increase wellness. Adopting a…

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Pets and oxytocin, their connection

Many studies confirm the positive effects of having pets at home Pets are good for health and make us happy: many studies confirm that caressing a pet or watching videos…


Does my cat have fleas?

How can you understand if your cat has fleas? Usually little cats tend to scratch themselves too much when they get these parasites. If you have this doubt you can…


How long does a cat sleep?

Cats are definitely sleepy animals and, despite their predatory nature, they love to indulge in long naps. Age certainly affects the hours of daily sleep. How long does a cat…


How many lives do cats have?

There are many legends about the number of lives our feline friends have. Among the most popular are the beliefs that associate 7 or 9 lives with cats. But is…


Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Anyone who owns a cat knows it well: yes to salad, but without cucumbers! It may sound ridiculous, and maybe it is a bit, but our cats really fear cucumbers….

dog running away
Cat Dog

Dogs and cats getting lost: what to do?

The first thing you do, often, when you adopt a puppy, is to teach them – dog or cat – not to run away. The reason is simple: a possible…

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Dogs and cats: how to make them to get along

Are they friends or enemies? Dogs and cats have always been considered typical antagonists, a bit like cat and mouse. But is this really the case? In many cases, the…


What do cats eat?

A rich and balanced diet is the best solution for your feline friend. That’s why it is good to know what cats eat, in order to choose the right diet…


How long do cats live?

One of the many questions that arise when adopting a feline friend is: how long do cats live? A domestic cat will get much more care and attention compared to…


How do cats see?

Curious and decidedly nice, our feline friends are resourceful animals, arousing a great deal of interest in their behaviour and characteristics. Let’s find out how cats see. How cats see…


How to keep cats away?

Sometimes curious and adventurous kittens tend to spend too much time in our gardens, perhaps even causing some minor damage. Let’s find out how to get rid of cats who…